Why Drillimation Systems Changed to a New Social Media Bot

Last week, many of Drillimation’s social media applets for their Discord server failed to run due to rate-limiting errors. According to IFTTT’s support page, the problem began over a month ago as of this writing. Luckily, they found a solution to the problem: Discord integration on IFTTT.

The shift from webhooks to Discord was the right decision to make. What used to be a challenging task in the past has now been made easier thanks to this integration. However, it is still in beta meaning it cannot be free of bugs. Things have been going pretty well for the server.

Rate limits are necessary to prevent abuse and downtime of a service. Discord’s rate limit is 50 requests per second. Larger bots may have difficulty trying to stay below that number during operations. Drillimation makes very few requests and we therefore do not experience this error.



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