Drillimation to Return to the SmashErie Conventions After More Than a Year

Starting Wednesday, June 16, 2021, Drillimation Systems will officially make a return to SmashErie conventions after being locked away at home and the Hurst due to COVID-19. As the pandemic in the US is coming to a close with more and more businesses and conventions reopening thanks to a vaccine in place, Drillimation can be sure they can get more of their word to local players in the area.

The last time Drillimation was present at a SmashErie convention was in March 2020 before the coronavirus was declared a pandemic and forced a bunch of delays and cancellations. Of course, this was also the week a person was Streisanded for illegal use of the Prophet Driller’s image. The first Chuhou Joutai was also intended to be promoted at the Brawl on the Bay match in May 2020 before the pandemic prompted its cancellation, making it impossible before Super Indie Games saved Drillimation.

Unlike previous conventions, our Prophet Driller will no longer be playing Smash. Instead, the Prophet will be selling Steam keys for the first and second Chuhou Joutai games at $5 a pop without tax. This means players within the PA-OH-NY tristate area can pick it up locally, but only on these days.

If you live in the area, make sure you jump in on those days (posters will be on social media on days they are announced).


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