Introducing ERMoID – The Entity for the Rights Management of Independent Developers

The logo.

Game piracy costs developers millions in revenue, and independent developers are at high risk even when selling on Steam. This is why we created ERMoID – the Entity for the Rights Management of Independent Developers. A non-profit entity operated by Drillimation Systems as a Steam group.

Just like Nintendo, our goal is to protect and defend the rights of developers. In order to strengthen our forces against piracy and fraudulent sources, our mission is anti-piracy. This is to ensure we can stop warez and cracking groups from fraudulently selling copies of protected games. Our goal is to also shut down cracking sites, including blocking access to pages for cracked games, and protect recently-released games whose rights are managed by us to encourage players to purchase games and increase gross revenue.

If you are a Steam developer interested in joining the Steam group, feel free to join and we can add your games to the Associated Games list. Click here to access the Steam group page.


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