The Future for Drillimation’s Games with Their New Controller

Yesterday, Drillimation Systems attempted to get a second controller for their PC. However, both retail locations reported the controller was out of stock due to a shortage in supplies, as denoted by the message “Due to a shortage of necessary parts, some of the accessory products for the Xbox Series X/S console are currently out of stock. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Drillimation Systems had to resort to ordering a controller off of Amazon, which is expected to arrive on Thursday, May 20. This is to ensure the development of all their future games that support local multiplayer can be smooth and swift. This is especially true for Drillimation’s next game, which supports local multiplayer and is intended for the eSports scene.

If you are a developer creating a game with local multiplayer support, it is always best to purchase more than one controller. That way, you can make debugging easier. Back in the old days, we had to rely on our playtesters to ensure the co-op modes are working right. Testing with two controllers by a single person is very difficult and will sometimes have to hire a quality assurance person to assist with debugging a game’s multiplayer mode.


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