Drillimation Systems Statement on Alleged Mistranslation on ZUN’s New Content Guidelines

Greetings from Drillimation Systems.

If you’re reading this, we are issuing an apology to the people on the Touhou Game Dev Discord server regarding the alleged mistranslation of a few of ZUN’s new rules that all doujin creators (us too) must follow when creating Touhou Project-related doujin content.

These new guidelines were published in October 2020. As there was no English-language version of those rules yet, Drillimation Systems made the initial translation. A Chinese-language version is also available for Chinese-speaking players of that franchise. Based on claims they saw in the initial translation, the editors appeared to misinterpret some of the new rules.

Drillimation Systems also condemns the previous missteps they took over the past year, including poor treatment of users on the Dream Logos and Fiction Wiki. After the conclusion of the investigation on the current incident, it was reported that Drillimation’s other staff was aware of grammatical and romanization techniques that the Prophet Driller did not fully understand, even though he is fluent in the Japanese language.

We need to ensure that Drillimation’s fanbase and the general public doesn’t fall to misinterpretations again. Other groups should be concerned of this too. The longer the Prophet sits not using Google Translate, the more understanding he would have. The Touhou Game Dev Hub can’t fully agree with the issue as this is a developing story, but the best and more important aspects of translation is to ensure Google Translate isn’t overused during localization. Drillimation Systems always encourages Japanese players to chip in translation improvements if they find any errors. We cannot risk having players being unable to comprehend the games’ stories and themes because of a mistake in a translation. The best way to get around this would be to hire a professional, well-trained translator.

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