Drillimation Systems to Look for New Touhou Server After Getting Fired From Touhou Game Dev Hub

Crown Princess Konata from Chuhou Joutai is helping Drillimation find a new server to help keep their word spreading. She is sure Susumu Takajima’s fairy godmother, helping Driller stop all trouble that happens in Kozan. Not to mention she is actually wearing her mother’s old prom gown in this picture.

Drillimation Systems had officially made the announcement that they will no longer support the Touhou Game Dev Hub after an alleged mistranslation of ZUN’s new content guidelines backfired. This came after Drillimation’s translation team was aware of grammatical patterns and romanization techniques in the Japanese language that the Prophet Driller did not fully understand.

As a result, Drillimation Systems was fired from the Touhou Game Dev Hub after initial warnings of alleged misconduct over the past year, including reusing assets from an existing Touhou Project game and poor treatment of users on the Dream Logos and Fiction Wiki, both of which he confessed and condemned. The effective date of termination was yesterday on October 10, 2020.

Following their firing, Drillimation Systems began looking for alternative Touhou Project servers on Discord to participate in. However, they are still awaiting approval to join. Meanwhile, Drillimation’s legal team has set out to dispute the termination, while the Prophet Driller continues working on the Story of Eastern Wonderland NES Demake, which is still in beta.

During Drillimation’s tenure at the hub, they composed for two Touhou Project fangames, both of which were for game jams. Kagami Ochiai from Chuhou Joutai appears in one of them, being Catch Hina!.


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