Drillimation to Update Employee Screening Policy

After their first employee tested positive for COVID-19, Drillimation implemented mandatory temperature screenings for all employees that arrive to their campus. On Thursday, Drillimation eliminated parking lot temperature checking stations and switched to a new online self-screening forum, likely due to temperatures dropping and winter arriving.

The announcement was made following a change in guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, which now allows questionnaire-based screening tools. The self-screening form allows Drillimation to complete convenient and robust health assessments for all of their employees, and automatically direct those in need to appropriate resources.

Since Drillimation began getting used to regular checking for COVID-19 cases for each day, Drillimation has been updating information on active cases. When an employee at Drillimation is found to have tested positive for the virus and appeared to be physically present at the studio during the infectious period, the affected individual is required to isolate themselves at home or at the Hurst. Contract tracers quickly determine anyone who has been in close contact with the affected individual. Anyone who is identified as a close contact will be required to quarantine themselves for two weeks at home or a designated place within Mercyhurst.

Although not an official designation, Drillimation will ask their employees to practice expanded precautions and opt for activities that reduce exposure to other for a limited period of time. Otherwise known as a soft quarantine, expanded precautions can include working remotely for an appropriate number of days depending on the circumstances, getting takeout from the few dining facilities at the Hurst rather than eating in, or delaying social engagements.

Drillimation Systems has been playing an essential role in guiding policies and initiatives when responding to coronavirus cases. Drillimation today expanded their task force by welcoming it to several new members. The task force now consists of administrators, staff, and faculty from nearly every constituency across the Hurst. Each of them brings a fresh perspective and renewed sense of dedication to the essential work of the group.

Through its planning, Drillimation has closely monitored variety, efficacy, and practicality of testing options, weighing how they can figure out how to combat the virus more effectively. As novel tests continue to be approved by the FDA at an increasing pace, new testing innovations are emerging at a breakneck speed. And so, Drillimation is convening a small committee to review the scientific literature supporting the different testing options. Both of them are currently available to those on the horizon. The group of faculty and administrators will bring expertise on the science, policy, and practice of health initiatives, are are suited to investigate current and potential coronavirus testing options.

So far, five cases have been confirmed so far, and two have recovered. No deaths have been reported as of this writing.


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