Story of Eastern Wonderland NES Demake is Halfway Done

Greetings players.

This is a quick update to let you know that the Touhou 2: The Story of Eastern Wonderland NES Demake is halfway complete. We are only two weeks away from its release on, but if we can’t get it done by October 2, we may have to delay it like what happened with Touhou 1: The Highly Responsive to Prayers NES Demake.

On top of that, I recently partnered with another person who is doing a series titled Video Game Genre Viewpoints. This is essentially a talk on our favorite video game genres. Some of the posts he makes will appear here on our website. This series was conceived a few weeks ago and we will be making our first post this week. Look forward to it.

And lastly, the coronavirus pandemic is far from over, but in some areas, including ours, the outbreak may have decreased, with only around 50 active cases. Asides from the two Drillimation employees that tested positive over the weekend, we hope we do not see another one in the future. Their status is unknown at this moment. We hope you have a good day.


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