A Commuter’s Options at Drillimation Systems during the Pandemic

Drillimation’s employees come from a wide variety of states and countries. Employees would commute if they live nearby the Hurst. This was before the age of COVID-19 where things changed for commuters. While commuters do not get to be in the dorms or residence hall, there are still places to sit on campus.

Before the pandemic happened, commuters could sit anywhere on campus, whether it would be any of the outside benches, or any of the dining halls such as Grotto Commons or the Student Union. Even the café at the bookstore is a place to eat as well. You can still eat there during the age of the pandemic, although you are socially distanced from one another. And since our employees have nowhere else to sit, they would have no choice but the dining halls.

Commuters had all the things they could do as regular students, such as going to club meetings. Due to the pandemic, students now must do it virtually, just like classes from the previous semester and the current one. Popular apps such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams have been their choices for hosting meetings. In fact, some courses, such as the ones communications professor Courtney Lang teaches, are not held in-person due to limitations set by her health. GroupMe has also been used for some clubs such as Laker Student Media, though no professors use it.

Just like all the other students, commuters are to protect their classmates, themselves, and the university from the coronavirus. They are to wear their face mask when they are outside their residence building, maintain social distancing, and stay home if they fall ill or had close contact with someone who tested positive for the virus. For themselves, they must monitor for symptoms and to contact a doctor if they experience any. Additionally, students should get vaccinated against the flu before the winter season kicks off in November. They are to keep their clothing, belongings, and personal/shared spaces clean, and participate in any testing or contact tracing if necessary. They must also follow all instructional signs, and all traffic in the buildings flows in one direction. All students are to check their emails three times a day to stay informed if the university changes a policy.

Many students find commuting in the age of COVID-19 different than to what they are used to. Outside the classroom, students cannot sit in most locations other than Grotto Commons, the Student Union, or the bookstore café. They must also disinfect their desk and seat after they leave the classroom. As stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they are to do the right things by wearing face masks in public, washing their hands after using the restroom, and stay distanced six feet apart. Students who fail to follow these policies could face some pretty serious consequences, with the most severe being expulsion. In fact, some universities have had to send students home early within one or two weeks into their semester due to surges in cases among students.


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