Cult Following for Chuhou Joutai Wanted!

Example of what we want to see (Kisumi Torisawa). Just draw! You don’t need to follow this style.

Chuhou Joutai has been out for almost a month now, and as a way to expand, we need a cult following! We welcome whatever you put up. But make sure whatever you do with our IP follows our Game Content and Brand Usage Rules. Would you like to do a playthrough of the game? We are looking for players worldwide to. Please contact us for details.

For the marketing campaign, here’s what Super Indie Games told us about:

  • 24 websites have mentioned the game
  • More than 60 YouTubers and streamers have done playthroughs, including some big names such as ChairGTables and Throneful

Drillimation has been approached by a few major third parties to do reviews, including:

If you know a friend that has played Chuhou Joutai, be sure to fetch them a link to this page.


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