Example of what we want to see (Kisumi Torisawa). Just draw! You don’t need to follow this style.

Chuhou Joutai has been out for almost a month now, and as a way to expand, we need a cult following! We welcome whatever you put up. But make sure whatever you do with our IP follows our Game Content and Brand Usage Rules. Would you like to do a playthrough of the game? We are looking for players worldwide to. Please contact us for details.

For the marketing campaign, here’s what Super Indie Games told us about:

  • 24 websites have mentioned the game
  • More than 60 YouTubers and streamers have done playthroughs, including some big names such as ChairGTables and Throneful

Drillimation has been approached by a few major third parties to do reviews, including:

If you know a friend that has played Chuhou Joutai, be sure to fetch them a link to this page.

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