Window Replacements at Drillimation are Done

Drillimation posts every three days, and at the time of this blog posting, I’m currently in the Paldea region. Yesterday, I picked up my copy of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and I’m already having a lot of fun with it. I’m just letting you know that the window renovations are complete. A lot of youContinue reading “Window Replacements at Drillimation are Done”

Today’s the Day: Window Replacement

As mentioned in the last few posts, today is the day. If you’re seeing this, chances are the next major construction project is underway. At the time this post was made, the construction project will begin within the next 12 hours or so. This is the last post that I will have made before itContinue reading “Today’s the Day: Window Replacement”

Super Mario Maker 2 Livestreams on Hold for the Next Two Weeks Not Just Because of Pokémon, But Construction

For the past year and a half, work on Drillimation projects may have been put on hold or delayed usually due to renovation projects. Since early 2021 following the death of the Mario Maker Dog Source, major construction projects at the Drillimation studio have taken place, starting with the replacement of carpets in May 2021Continue reading “Super Mario Maker 2 Livestreams on Hold for the Next Two Weeks Not Just Because of Pokémon, But Construction”

Touhou Kourinden is a Third of the Way Done

Drillimation Systems is proud to announce that Touhou Kourinden is a third of the way done. The second act was completed yesterday. Kourinden will consist of six acts. Development began over the summer and the first act was completed in September 2022. The second act was intended to be completed by the end of thisContinue reading “Touhou Kourinden is a Third of the Way Done”

Three Nights of Scarlet Abscess: One Month Later

Last month, on October 7, 2022, Chuhou Joutai 3: Three Nights of Scarlet Abscess was officially released on Steam. It’s already getting lauded for being one of our best games. The last installment must always have an ultimate feel if you make a trilogy of games. Even after a month after its release, critics areContinue reading “Three Nights of Scarlet Abscess: One Month Later”

Chronologically Confused on Pokémon’s Timeline: Is There More?

Back at the beginning of this year when Pokémon Legends: Arceus released, I covered how confusing the Pokémon core series timeline would be. With Scarlet and Violet already on the horizon, I don’t know how that game would fit within the core series timeline. Will it be a sequel or prequel of any existing PokémonContinue reading “Chronologically Confused on Pokémon’s Timeline: Is There More?”

Monthly Updates: November 2022

Hi, this is Driller from Drillimation. Spooky season is over, and we’ve made it to that time of the year again. The holiday season is becoming underway as the Northern Hemisphere is beginning to be covered in snow as winter descends among us. Speaking of that, winter had an abrupt beginning earlier in October. ForContinue reading “Monthly Updates: November 2022”

No Business Trip Planned For December 2022

While Act 2 of Touhou Kourinden is over 50% complete, Drillimation is announcing that there will be no business trip for December 2022 during the busy holiday season. Last year, there was one that involved a trip to Florida, which felt like traveling from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere. Drillimation still aims toContinue reading “No Business Trip Planned For December 2022”

A Message from Drillimation on the Prophet’s Birthday

Greetings to you all. As I commemorate my 23rd birthday today, I can tell you that the entirety of my life, whether it be long or short, will be devoted to providing a gaming experience for people who wouldn’t otherwise be interested. Earlier this month, Chuhou Joutai 3: Three Nights of Scarlet Abscess was released,Continue reading “A Message from Drillimation on the Prophet’s Birthday”

Planning Future Visits for Whitethorn

Last week, I made my first visit to Whitethorn Digital where I spoke with its CEO Matthew White regarding Touhou Kourinden. While this was my first, it will never be my last as I will make future trips to Whitethorn throughout the development of Touhou Kourinden ~ Mythos of Phantasmagoria to test the game andContinue reading “Planning Future Visits for Whitethorn”