Why the Drillimation Games get Japanese translations

If you’ve played Chuhou Joutai or any other Drillimation game, you may notice that every one of our games has a Japanese translation. Why is that? Well, Drillimation’s main market in mind is the Japanese market, as Drillimation Systems is intended to be modelled after a Japanese kabushiki-gaisha corporation. Although some of those joint-stock corporationsContinue reading “Why the Drillimation Games get Japanese translations”

How SPASDOT Produces Their Propaganda

In Kozan in the summer of 2004, SPASDOT has estimated that more than 3,000 western Crimsonites, and those fighters end up posing the greatest threats to their home countries, thanks to their ability to travel freely and blend in. SPASDOT has recruited hundreds of Crimsonites through a powerful online media campaign. As a new generationContinue reading “How SPASDOT Produces Their Propaganda”

Drillimation Systems Statement on the US Capitol Storming

Greetings players. With only ten days remaining until the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, we are here to discuss on why you should NEVER incite violence on social media. On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, just after the Democratic Party took control of the Senate, rioters supporting Donald Trump attacked and raided the United States Capitol.Continue reading “Drillimation Systems Statement on the US Capitol Storming”

English Translation for 4Gamer.net Article on Chuhou Joutai 2

This is a complete English translation for the 4Gamer.net article for Chuhou Joutai 2 from Japanese. The original article’s name is Danmaku Shooter Chuhou Joutai 2 to Release in the Summer of 2021. Demo set for release on March 5th. Erie, Pennsylvania-based Drillimation Systems has announced a sequel to the top-down shooter with a strongContinue reading “English Translation for 4Gamer.net Article on Chuhou Joutai 2”

Why Kozan is Headed by a Parliament

The Parliament of Kozan is the bicameral legislature of Kozan and consists of two branches: the Senate and Representatives. Parliament generally meets at the Parliament building in Kozankyo and are chosen through election, which is held on the first Tuesday in November on years that end in an even number. Every province in Kozan hasContinue reading “Why Kozan is Headed by a Parliament”

Monthly Updates: January 2021

We would like to congratulate all of our players who got through a treacherous 2020. Welcome to 2021, the year of restoration. We’ve got a lot of stuff I want to unveil for this year, so let me dust my keyboard off so I can get right to the point. Monthly Update banners This galleryContinue reading “Monthly Updates: January 2021”

2020: A Treacherous Year to Remember

Greetings players. Drillimation Systems can agree that 2020 was perhaps the worst year of all of our lives, and it will be history once Biden clears up this virus since we now have a vaccine in place. We have so many kindred expressions that assure us we can be resourceful and optimistic. After the coronavirusContinue reading “2020: A Treacherous Year to Remember”

The Inauguration of Kozan’s Leaders

December 25. Christmas Day. This isn’t the only special day within Kozan, it’s also an extraordinary day for Kozan’s Prime Minister, as this generally marks the start of a new four-year term for the Prime Minister of Kozan, even if they are continuing for a second term. The ceremony typically takes place at noon EasternContinue reading “The Inauguration of Kozan’s Leaders”

The Fushinja – Why SPASDOT Targets Youkai-borns

Youkai-borns are an entire ethnic group within Kozan. As with the Shinto tradition of sealing out evil, they have become SPASDOT’s favorite target. The word fushinja is the Japanese word for “non-believer” or “infidel,” particularly within SPASDOT’s interpretation of Shinto. The term is used in different ways within The Grimoire of Flandre. This practice isContinue reading “The Fushinja – Why SPASDOT Targets Youkai-borns”

Why Christmas Commercials are so Flipping Annoying

If you live in North America or other places where Christmas is observed, expect to see public service announcements from your local TV station wishing you a Happy Holidays. With Christmas in less than a week, I’d like to take the time to tell you why Christmas commercials can be so flipping annoying at theContinue reading “Why Christmas Commercials are so Flipping Annoying”