The Grimoire of Flandre – Preparation for Battle

Below is the complete translation of the sixth chapter of The Grimoire of Flandre from Japanese. I, Flandre, ask you about how to prepare for battle. This decision concerns me and you. My followers are those whose hearts become fearful. For my followers are degrees where forgiveness and noble provision can be laid upon you. […]

Overcoming Hate as an Indie Developer

Has this ever happened to you? You produce a great title, only to have someone say, “your game is a piece of 💩?” If somebody does, don’t focus on that and read this instead. Or, you can cut them off by blocking them or filing a DMCA to them (not recommended). Boost Collective explained this […]

Seimori Grand Temple – Kozan’s Heart to Buddhism

In Kinmyou (alternatively romanized as Kinmei) of Pohatoshin province in Eastern Kozan, the Risuoka ward is home to a thriving Buddhist and youkai community. The heart of the ward is the Seimori Grand Temple (生森寺 Seimori-ji). The temple has been at its present location since 1953. Originally founded as a conservative Buddhist temple in 1867 […]

Criminology Lab – American Kamikaze Bomber Reportedly Visited US Before Western Kozan Attack

Kisumi Torisawa appeared on this KBN This Morning broadcast on May 31, 2004. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events. Anchor: We have disturbing new details this morning about an American who became a kamikaze bomber here in Kozan. Itou Tanizawa reportedly returned to the US after his training, but […]

Information regarding the Extra Stage glitch in Chuhou Joutai

Greetings from Drillimation Systems. We have gotten reports of complaints from players saying they cannot unlock the “Return to Ahoge Peninsula” achievement after clearing Arcade Mode with both characters and shot types in Chuhou Joutai, which unlocks the Extra Stage. Due to an error in the unlock criteria for the achievement, the achievement would not […]

The Unused Stuff that Never Made it into Chuhou Joutai

As the Steam Summer Sale wraps up and that today is National Video Game Day, I think I could take the chance to tell you about some of the stuff that never made it into the game. Like with most media, there are some things that didn’t make it into the game. Cutscene images These […]

Criminology Lab – Brutal SPASDOT propaganda video borrows techniques from Hollywood

Kisumi Torisawa narrated this KBN Evening News report on May 23, 2004. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events. NOTE: This article is intended for those who have finished Chuhou Joutai at least once. If you haven’t finished the main game yet we recommend you play it first and then […]

Drillimation Systems Statement on Sexual Harassment in the Super Smash Bros. Competitive Scene

Greetings from Drillimation Systems. If you read the news over the past few days, you may have heard of multiple big-name Super Smash Bros. players being accused of sexual assault, and may be making a new step in the #MeToo movement. We’ve seen a similar milestone in the film industry when Harvey Weinstein was convicted […]