Scam Warning: Instagram Users Report Being Tagged in Story Scams Involving Cryptocurrency

Recently, the popular YouTube channel DidYouKnowGaming was hacked and rebranded for the purpose of spreading cryptocurrency scams. According to Meta’s transparency reports, over 5.7 billion posts in 2022 were removed from Facebook and Instagram for violating their spam policy. A large part of that number included scam mentions that tells users they’ve won the iPhone 13 or a gift card for a service when in reality they did not. Being tempted to follow the instructions in those mentions can lead to a person’s personal information being compromised and their bank account being emptied of thousands of dollars.

The same story in 2023 has been happening over and over starting at the notification page on Instagram. What ends up being interesting is being mentioned in a story about cryptocurrency. The strange part is some users were getting tagged five times over the course of three days. Others users have reported getting tagged over twenty times. We are warning Instagram users that this is an extremely widespread form of malware. If this happens to you, you likely posted something in a questionable hashtag, liked or commented on a post from a questionable account, or likely downloaded an app and linked your Instagram account to it.

Users are reporting on other social media platforms about unsolicited mentions on their Instagram profile every day. This tip will catch your attention. It is unsettling to know that the Prophet Driller of Drillimation Systems was a victim of getting tagged in the iPhone 13 scam mentions, as well as the recent Shein scam that could lead to your personal information falling into the hands of the Chinese government. Today, he is currently a victim of getting tagged in cryptocurrency scam stories on Instagram. He has no idea how somebody keeps getting his username on Instagram. He has been taking steps to protect his classified information and identity by reporting the posts as soon as they come in.

If you are wondering why you got tagged in one of these scam stories, you can try contacting Instagram, though you might not get a response. No matter how bad it is, we are happy to hear your response in the comments.


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