Touhou Tenchiki Soundtrack to be Composed Using Same Hardware as Drillimation Touhou RPG

Drillimation was asked by Studio Emiko to compose the soundtrack for Touhou Tenchiki using the same YM3812 chip that is also being used for the Touhou RPG being developed by Drillimation.

Unlike the classical-style music being composed for Drillimation’s own project, it will take the same approach that the Chuhou Joutai games used. If in the event that Touhou Tenchiki becomes deprecated and replaced by a new project, the songs that Drillimation composed for Tenchiki may end up being used in future Drillimation projects.

Drillimation Systems owns the copyright to the tracks that they compose, and Tenchiki is not a work for hire. The first track will be uploaded on Wednesday, August 18, 2022 to YouTube.


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