Kozanese Myth – Gestation by Sleep

I never had the opportunity to tell you this myth from Kozan, about a pregnant woman whose child only develops while they are asleep. This tale was first told to Western Kozanese children before it spread to the rest of the Kozanese continent and the rest of the world.

The myth begins with a newlywed king and queen who are wishing to have a child. The couple’s wish is granted and the queen is impregnated, but their child doesn’t seem to grow and they don’t know why. Thinking that the queen is infertile, they decide to ask a witch for help, only to learn that the queen’s child can only develop while she is asleep.

Since they only sleep for eight hours a night, the queen would have to sleep continuously. The witch puts the queen under a sleeping spell for the duration of the pregnancy, and the witch becomes the acting queen consort, and for the time being, handling the majority of the queen’s duties.

The king and witch return nine months later, only to see the still-sleeping queen with a fully developed child hidden under the covers and inside her body, ready for birth. With the swing of the witch’s wand, the queen magically gives birth to her child, and as soon as the newborn is pampered and cradled within the queen’s arms, the witch ends the spell.

As soon as the queen opens up her eyes, she is filled with bundles of joy to see her newborn within her hands. The story concludes with the witch leaving and life returning to normal.


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