Why Frederic Sam Fawkes Ignited the Soviet-Kozan Conflict

Frederic Sam Fawkes is the paramount leader of SPASDOT for both its incarnations starting from 1975. His goal is to shape Kozan into an authoritarian and militaristic society while following communist doctrines. Despite this, he was able to win the trust of the Soviet Union during the first incarnation. His intent is to push back on the Western influences that have been in place in Kozan for a few centuries, and he appears to make little progress.

To understand how much influence and power he had on Kozan, we’ll have to go back to the year 1972. During that time, King Kenjirou was ruling and a 14-year-old Fawkes was working as a spy for the Soviet Union alongside their secret security firm the KGB. Simply put, Fawkes is of Soviet and German descent from his father’s side, but he is said to be a descendant of Flandre Scarlet from his mother’s side.

Fawkes was extremely concerned about letting the United States dominate Kozan, and he was also worried that Kozan, alongside a number of free nations who were allies to the United States, could end up joining North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO for short, even though Kozan isn’t located in the Atlantic Ocean. NATO’s goal at the time was to rid Europe of Soviet influence, and Kozan was located east of the Soviet Union.

He would eventually get his chance in May of 1975. The first major conflict Kozan fought against in Kozan back when the Federal Kingdom of Eastern Kozan was established was the Scarlet Devil War from 1710 to 1716. Not to mention the People’s Kingdom of Central Kozan and the communist Democratic Kingdom of Western Kozan allied Eastern Kozan in the conflict. That enemy group was communist and they successfully expelled Flandre Scarlet’s influence from the Kozanese continent.

Moving away from the Edo Period, Crimsonite warlords and terrorists supporting the Soviet Union were pushing into territory starting from New Saitama province. On the night of May 31 and June 1 of 1975, a series of deadly bombings from those terrorists killed nearly 300 people in several areas in New Saitama, Kozan Province, and Gatashima provinces. Shigeru Ochiai, who was Prime Minister during that time, blames Crimsonite separatists for the siege, and in a number of television appearances, announces his intent to avenge the ones responsible.

As a result, Fawkes gathers a number of Soviet soldiers who set up bases in Kozan alongside Crimsonite warlords, get together and establish a new organization: SPASDOT. They come up with one goal: eliminate all royal influence in Kozan and establish a new socialist society like it was in Western Kozan.

Journalists in February the following year suggest Kozan was complicit in the May 1975 bombings, thinking they would have strong support during his second term in office. Shortly after the bombings, the Kozanese Royal Defense Force begin an assault to stop SPASDOT and it was a brutal one: more than 160,000 people, half of which were SPASDOT Crimsonites, were killed during the conflict. Within the first few years, Kozan begins to get Kozanese territory that was under SPASDOT control back. In December 1978, Shigeru Ochiai resigns from office, due to the Kozanese constitution stating the Prime Minister can only serve two terms in office.

Ochiai’s successor won the 1978 Parliamentary Election in a landslide with over 82% of the popular vote. Things began to change within the months following the election in 1979: SPASDOT began to occupy areas in Central Kozan, causing condemnation from all over the world with the exception of communist countries. This effectively began the second phase of the conflict where most of the fighting occurred in Central Kozan. More than 9,000 Kozanese soldiers lost their lives in the phase by the time the Kozanese Revolution in 1984 concluded with Kozanese victory, but they were able to expel SPASDOT from Kozan.


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