Examining Hideo Ochiai, Kagami Ochiai’s father, and his Political History

You may have seen Hideo Ochiai somewhere on this website. He has had a rich political history including two attempts to run for Prime Minister in Kozan but almost all failed. But you can stay here to appreciate his political history.

Hideo Ochiai’s father, Shigeru Ochiai, served as Prime Minister from 1970 to 1978, influencing much of Hideo’s political ideology and career. He ran a successful daimyo campaign for Kozan province, serving from his election from 1992, and won re-election twice in 1996 and 2000 respectively.

1992 Kozan Province Gubernatorial Election

Ochiai announced his campaign in December 1991. He clinched the nomination for the Socialist Party of Kozan in March 1992, and won the election in November by a narrow margin, collecting 55% of the popular vote, becoming daimyo of Kozan province.

1996 Kozan Province Gubernatorial Election

Ochiai ran for re-election in 1996, he was re-elected with a larger margin, winning 62% of the popular vote.

1998 Campaign for Prime Minister

During his second term as daimyou, Ochiai announced his intent to run for Prime Minister in February 1997. He was a top candidate for Prime Minister and if elected, he would be the second member of the Ochiai Clan to hold the office of Prime Minister. However, he dropped out in March 1998 after a senator from Metsuru province clinched the nomination for which they would lose in November of that year.

2000 Kozan Province Gubernatoral Election

Ochiai continued his second term in office as daimyo for Kozan Province after dropping out of his 1998 intent to run for Prime Minister. Like his first term as daimyo, he won re-election for a third term with 55% of the popular vote.

2002 Campaign for Prime Minister

Ochiai tried again for Prime Minister in 2002. He announced his campaign in June 2001 and was successful in the primaries; he outcampaigned nearly a dozen opponents to secure the Socialist Party nomination in April 2002. Central issues for the 2002 Parliamentary Election included conflict with SPASDOT. However, Ochiai failed to defeat the incumbent Prime Minister in the general election, getting 38% of the popular vote compared to his father, who won both his elections in a landslide.

After his defeat, Ochiai resigned as his position as daimyo, expressing no intent to run for a fourth term. His political future is uncertain, as only the future of the Chuhou Joutai series can tell all that.


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