History of the Youkai-borns in Kinmyou

The history of youkai-borns settling in Kinmyou dates back to the Edo Period in the early 19th century. As of the 2000 Census in Kozan, 5% of the entire metro population of Kinmyou were youkai-borns. Kinmyou was one of the first cities in the Federal Kingdom of Eastern Kozan to see youkai-born settlement.

It is stated that youkai-borns who defected from the communist Democratic Kingdom of Western Kozan began settling in Kinmyou in 1838. These communities began expanding through the 1840s and the first youkai Buddhist temple in Kinmyou was built in 1844. The number of youkai-borns settling in Kinmyou following the Kozanese reunification began to steadily increase in the 1880s. During the late Meiji Period at roughly 1900, three more Buddhist temples were built. By 1906, that number had more than doubled to seven with the population being over 25,000 youkai-borns.

Kinmyou’s Risuoka ward is considered to be primary youkai-born hub in the city. Nearly half of its population are youkai-borns and still holds a large youkai-born population since the Taisho period in the 1920s. Today, there are more than twenty Buddhist temples within the area, and they also offer four restaurants and host an annual bon festival.


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