Drillimation to Redesign Drillipedia After Fandom Desktop Rollout

Yesterday, Drillipedia, the official wiki for Chuhou Joutai and the Drillimation Danmaku Universe in general and is located here, moved to Fandom Desktop. The classic layout when the site originally launched was retired in an effort to unify Gamepedia and Fandom. However, the rollout quickly rendered many elements obsolete and parts of the site are being redesigned to conform to the new system.

The rollout introduced a lot of new features, including dark mode. Drillimation Systems will continue to improve the site in order to be in line with current Fandom software. A lot of the WikiText code remains the same, but Drillimation had to rewrite some code in order to get certain templates working, such as amboxes and infoboxes.

The main page is getting a complete redesign, being modelled after the main page on the official Touhou Project Wiki which does not run off of Fandom’s software. We are still looking for editors. Anyone is welcome to come and contribute.


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