Despite Job Schedule Change, Drillimation Experienced Worst Week on, According to Analytics

Drillimation Systems this week faced their worst on in terms of downloads. Drillimation’s most popular game, Touhou 1: The Highly Responsive to Prayers NES Demake, was not downloaded for six days straight despite the page getting an adequate number of views and could continue within the coming days. The demo version of Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided! was downloaded only once during that period.

It’s not clear what caused it. It experienced a lot of downloads during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to many players being forced to stay home. Drillimation is expected to release the demake for the third game at the end of September. Some likes on Twitter were intermittently failing to register due to rate limiting caused by a new update, likely being a probable cause.

Twitter and Instagram likes are an organic source to growing Drillimation’s fanbase. A promoted tweet caused Drillimation to get twenty followers with seven only being promoted; the rest were organic. Drillimation will continue to nonetheless spray likes on tweets to spread their word.


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