Kisumi Torisawa Explains How to Capture a Crimsonite

Kisumi Torisawa wrote this report on May 6, 2000, for KBN.

The desperate search for the accused planner behind the double bombing on El Kadsre City’s metro, Takeo Ide, is over. The manhunt ended just before midnight on the day of the bombings with quiet resignations.

Ide was seated on the plane with the door being closed with the jet prepared for takeoff to Kozan. All of a sudden, the door reopened and a number of people headed down the aisle towards Ide. Without any proof of confirmation, Ide calmly looked up and angrily asked:

“What the heck took you so long? I knew I was expecting this. Are you the El Kadsre City Police or military?”

A customs officer officially confirmed that the manhunt was over. Ide was immediately taken off the plane and into custody by three officers. The larger investigation is now going into full throttle. Ide continues to maintain that he acted alone that he was the one who planned that double bombing that morning. So far, El Kadsreian prosecutors have no evidence to dispute that claim. Investigators are also checking out Ide’s friends, neighbors, and others who may have been rounded up in Sentan.

Law enforcement officials, to this point, have not identified anybody they can implicate in the attack. Court papers say that Ide was schooled in explosives training in a Sentanese training camp with Gyonyoru Foldunk, who claimed responsibility for the attack. Investigators have not been able to verify that. However, he was not trained that much and was not familiar with the kind of bombs used by Crimsonite extremists.

Ide’s motive also remains unclear. He’s told interrogators that he’s upset with US policies that unfairly target Crimsonites. He’s also angry over the predator strikes that have killed Crimsonite soldiers and leaders in Kozan. Investigators say that a quest for revenge was the only option. Personal and financial pressures were reportedly the motive for his attack. He settled in El Kadsre City over a year ago and he did not realize the dream. He lost his job, lost his house, and was separated from his family.

While the criminal case is building up, El Kadsre City International Airport is tightening a loophole that allowed the suspected Crimsonite to get through. His name was added to the US no-fly list two days before, but Gensokyo Airlines was working off of an old list and he somehow managed to get through. Airlines will now be required to check every two hours for no-fly additions. Kisumi Torisawa, KBN News, El Kadsre City.


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