Drillipedia is in Need of Editors

As the release of Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided! nears, it has come to our attention that the official wiki for Chuhou Joutai, Drillipedia, is in need of editors. So far, the only editors besides the site manager and us at Drillimation are our playtester from Singapore and a new editor who heard about Drillimation through FANDOM’s community central.

We also want to give incentives to users who edit Drillipedia. Gamepedia users who are actively contributing will get three free months of Gamepedia Pro which includes a much quicker and ad-free experience on the site. If you have this Pro subscription, you can get free Steam keys for the entire Chuhou Joutai series!*

Click here to access the site.

*FANDOM account required to edit.


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