It’s Official: Drillimation Systems Has Now Left Mercyhurst University

Just Ayako Sugiwara and Kagami Ochiai in their hakama.

Drillimation Systems is no longer headquartered at Mercyhurst University. This marks the end of three months of fighting to leave the Hurst and the start of an uncertain future for Drillimation Systems.

The Prophet Driller today woke up to no longer being a student at the university. It took three grueling months for Drillimation Systems to say good-bye to the Hurst. This is a single important moment in the history for Drillimation. Not much will change, but the Hurst will have a place in popular culture within the Chuhou Joutai series. But how come we can’t mention the university’s name itself in Chuhou Joutai?

Legal reasons to be exact. In many video games that feature real-world cities as settings, you would get the real architectural layout of a location but not the names of actual organizations. This is to avoid potential lawsuits over using their likeness; it’s much easier to use a fictionalized name of a university to circumvent trademark infringements, if the name of the university hasn’t been trademarked. Depending on which graphical style you use, whether it be retro or modern, there have been fears of organizations taking legal action over using their likeness in a game. But to be fair, a few individuals at Mercyhurst University have acknowledged the existence of Kozankyo University, the in-game version of the Hurst.

We understand this is not the end of Drillimation, but the start of a new beginning. We are still looking forward to getting Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided! released on July 2. We will put the last touches on the game this incoming weekend.


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