Criminology Lab: KRDF Foils SPASDOT Bomb Plot in New Saitama

Kisumi Torisawa appeared in this KBN Evening News report on May 1, 2002. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

Anchor: In another terror case, five self-proclaimed Crimsonites of SPASDOT ended up in a federal lockup in Kanjotaki. Prosecutors say the Crimsonites intended to blow up a major tourist attraction in the city but they were caught thanks to a Kozanese Royal Defense Force officer. Kisumi Torisawa has the story.

Kisumi: The suspects are all from New Saitama, who said they wanted to strike out against the Kozanese Royal Defense Force. According to their attorney, their attack would’ve came in many hues and many homelands. Federal investigators said the group spent several months looking for a target to attack in the province before they settled on the Scarlet Devil Mansion. They planned to blow up the heavily-visited location.

The man prosecuting the case said the Kozanese Royal Defense Force foiled the plot by negotiating with an agent from the KRDF to purchase two inert explosive devices. Last night, the agent watched as the men placed the fake explosive in the main hall of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and left the scene. They then tried to use their phones to detonate the bomb, but nothing happened. All five suspects are Kozanese citizens ranging from ages 20 to 35, and are charged with conspiring to provide material support to SPASDOT and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. Authorities insisted the public was never in danger.

According to the KRDF, if the men could not attack the Scarlet Devil Mansion, they would go and rob major banks within Downtown Kanjotaki, but they settled on blowing up the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Anchor: And Kisumi right here is joining us now, and how does blowing up a mansion further SPASDOT’s fight against Kozan?

Kisumi: Well, their plot would force the government to place security at every tourist attraction in the country, and that would of course cost money, and prevent tourists from visiting them hoping the staff would become bankrupted.

Anchor: Kisumi, thank you very much.


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