How SPASDOT Produces Their Propaganda

In Kozan in the summer of 2004, SPASDOT has estimated that more than 3,000 western Crimsonites, and those fighters end up posing the greatest threats to their home countries, thanks to their ability to travel freely and blend in. SPASDOT has recruited hundreds of Crimsonites through a powerful online media campaign.

As a new generation of propaganda was beginning to spawn, it had emerged over the previous several months leading up to Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided!‘s events. As SPASDOT was using their money and media savvy militants, they have been recruiting and radicalizing Crimsonites.

In a recruitment video hosted by a western Crimsonite, he has been encouraging his friends to convert to Shinto and then come to Kozan to join the fight. This was part of a high-tech propaganda machine SPASDOT developed to reach out to militants in North America, Europe, and even Australia.

Over the course of a year, SPASDOT established two media arms, that being the Fukai News Agency for Japanese-speaking audiences in August of 2003, followed by the Seikatsu Media Center for western audiences in early 2004, produced in a number of languages including but not limited to English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, and even Portuguese.

Both arms have produced glossy magazines and highly-produced slick videos. SPASDOT has even used drones to appeal to the humanoid eye. Some of the types of videos include general videos, which shows Crimsonites attacking targets in graphic detail. Their videos range from simple executions to even full-length documentaries. Some videos show a softer side of danmaku and are geared towards children. One video shows a Crimsonite giving ice cream to excited youkai-born children.

Kisumi Torisawa has spent many years tracking SPASDOT, even when they debuted on the world wide web in the late 1990s. A celebrity culture has even emerged among Crimsonites. Social media sites like LifeConnect and VidSpace do not tolerate SPASDOT and began taking precautions in an effort to remove SPASDOT propaganda from their sites. LifeConnect began banning SPASDOT-related accounts on their site ever since the Kozanese Civil War broke out. It is so easy for them to abuse the system and get their word out.

When it comes to policing content, Crimsonites use a single hand in an effort to recruit them. SPASDOT postings also help authorities track Crimsonites and drop them to the ground.


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