2020: A Treacherous Year to Remember

Greetings players.

Drillimation Systems can agree that 2020 was perhaps the worst year of all of our lives, and it will be history once Biden clears up this virus since we now have a vaccine in place. We have so many kindred expressions that assure us we can be resourceful and optimistic. After the coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the WHO in March, serious racial conflicts in May, to a contentious political landscape in the fall, life was made difficult. We were encouraged to manage the difficult time we’ve been in during lockdown in order to achieve a better future.

We’ve made way for 2021, such as establishing a Patreon in order to fund Drillimation’s future projects and unveiling the next chapter in the Chuhou Joutai saga. The Rooney Family of Pittsburgh Steelers fame is planning on establishing an eSports program at Mercyhurst University. That way, we can get more of our word out to players.

The staff at Drillimation Systems fulfilled their duties over the fall by going above and beyond in the new work conditions created by the coronavirus, before the virus exploded at the end of the semester. We owe them a debt of gratitude. We stepped up to learn new technologies that were used to create the Touhou 2: The Story of Eastern Wonderland NES Demake, which was completed over the course of nine weeks, roughly over half the semester. They made the best of it, respecting themselves and others in order to keep Drillimation Systems, including the Prophet, safe.

We want you to know that we are grateful to all of our players who have helped us get through this difficult year. We thank you all for your individual talent and gift for what we believe constitutes the strength we were given to get through 2020. Magical things happen when our players come together on our Discord server (link at the bottom of this page).

We hope you look forward to 2021. Happy Holidays and New Year. God bless you.

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