The Fushinja – Why SPASDOT Targets Youkai-borns

Youkai-borns are an entire ethnic group within Kozan. As with the Shinto tradition of sealing out evil, they have become SPASDOT’s favorite target. The word fushinja is the Japanese word for “non-believer” or “infidel,” particularly within SPASDOT’s interpretation of Shinto. The term is used in different ways within The Grimoire of Flandre.

This practice is sometimes used interchangeably by Crimsonites. The distinction between Shinto believers and fushinja is essential. The word is used around 400 times within the Grimoire of Flandre. The term is used within the senses of failing or ignoring to acknowledge as well as being ungrateful. In typical discourse, fushinja is classified as one of the many things that are unacceptable to Flandre.

As Flandre’s empire expanded, she encouraged her followers to persecute youkai-borns in hopes of sparking a race war between humanoids and youkai. The term has been widely used for youkai-borns who do not believe in Shinto. This, however, has resulted in religious violence between humanoid Shintoist and youkai Buddhists during the Edo period. In fact, it was so bad that Queen Yukari, who would later go on and form the Democratic Kingdom of Western Kozan in 1703, fled Kozankyo to the tip of present-day Horudika Canal.

The conflict would not settle down until at least after the Meiji Restoration and the Kozanese Reunification where Western Kozan dissolved into Eastern Kozan to form the present-day Federal Kingdom of Kozan. The Humanoid-Youkai Peace Treaty was enacted in 1875, which would outlaw any religious violence against youkai-borns.

Violence against youkai-borns continue to be an issue in modern-day Kozan, even after the Kozan-Soviet conflict. In the 1990s, there were more than 7,000 incidents of anti-youkai activity in Kozan, very few of which resulted in death. While the death toll for youkai-borns was on steep decline, the Humanoid-Youkai Peace Treaty was amended as a result from a public outcry after 11 youkai-borns were massacred in Kinmyou by a lone Crimsonite.

85% of Kozanese that live in Kozan support the treaty or think they should make it more strict.

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