How the Plot of Chuhou Joutai was set in Motion

It’s been almost six months since Chuhou Joutai released on Steam. Although you may think the plot of Chuhou Joutai was caused by Hearthcliffe’s murdering of Hikari Uchida, it was actually another incident that contributed to the events of the game. It was the fault of American SPASDOT Crimsonite Fuyumi Tanimura, a convicted murderer of an attack on a Buddhist temple in Chikurin of Kabayashi Province.

KBN Justice Correspondent Kisumi Torisawa looked into the history of Tanimura. For more than two decades, Tanimura pursued an agenda and intolerance of youkai-borns living in the United States. Born on May 23, 1960 and a native of Columbus, Ohio, she dropped out of high school to join the US military as a supporting role. According to Torisawa, Tanimura founded her own cell of the Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson in the 1980s during the Soviet-Kozan conflict.

Tanimura was introduced to communism after reading a copy of The Grimoire of Flandre. She was later discharged from the military after she was found to be distributing communist propaganda in an attempt to cause another red scare. When she founded her own SPASDOT cell in the US, she encouraged other Japanese-Americans in the Columbus metropolitan area to swear their allegiance to her. She called her group the Scarlet Devil Party of America and led rallies under the Scarlet Standard flag used by SPASDOT. According to one of her speeches, she stated:

“One God, one party, Flandre wa saikou!”

Fuyumi Tanimura

Tanimura preached messages of communism in an effort to expand SPASDOT into the US. According to a 1985 television interview, she stated that youkai-borns living in the US were considered enemies to her. As a frequent contributor to a Crimsonite website, she is no stranger to law enforcement. In 1987, the FBI issued a wanted poster for Tanimura, and shortly thereafter, Tanimura and four other Crimsonites were arrested for stockpiling illegal weapons to fuel a religious war between Shintoists and Catholics, similar to how the Tokugawa shogunate of the Edo period set up their religious exercise.

Tanimura spent three years in prison and got out early in 1990 after she successfully appealed the case. She tried politics; running and repeatedly failing to become the mayor of Columbus. In 2000, she ran for the US Senate in Ohio and her campaign went nowhere. After railing against youkai-borns in the US, she only managed to get 14 votes out of the 4 million that were cast.

Tanimura had been on the radar of US law enforcement. However, there was no specific indication she made any threat prior to pulling off her attack that set the game’s plot in motion.


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