Tatsuro Hozoshima – Ruffian of the Bayfront

What do you get when you have a shirtless guy enjoying water sports? The answer is Tatsuro Hozoshima. But the answer is, why does he joke about being with SPASDOT? So he can challenge those to danmaku duels. But the truth is, he’s picking fights with random civilians so that he can increase his rank. He spends most of his time at Kozankyo’s Bayfront, which is a major tourist attraction in the country.

But where did his life come from? Well, he did begin his life on September 8, 1986 in Kozankyo for sure. He joined his school’s swim team when he was in elementary school as he had a particular knack for swimming, often claiming many of the top scores in his school’s competitions. It was reported that he could hold his breath underwater for a very long time at a record of 7 minutes as a child, leading to his friends calling him “The Storm of the Sea.”

Much of Hozoshima’s desire to study swimming techniques led to his friends wanting to become better at the competitions and he began writing guides for other schools to help their swimmers become champions. He swam so much that his family moved to a house with a pool when he was in junior high school. His passion for swimming grew at an exponential rate when he was in high school, as he often cut class to go to the public pool in the summertime. Cutting all those classes was a bad decision as he almost didn’t graduate high school and originally had no intention on attending university. Ultimately, he chose to attend one of Kozankyo’s local universities (not Kozankyo University) and he is currently studying for an Associate’s Degree in sports management.


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