Survey on Preferred Game Genre

A couple weeks ago, the gamer population worldwide smashed a whopping 3 billion players. That’s more than a quarter of the world’s population, and to be exact, three eighths. And half of that number lives in the Asia Pacific region, thanks to the population of both China and India having more than 1 billion people in their respective populations. In fact, the top three countries by video game revenue include China, the United States, and Japan. Video game revenue in China and the United States both top $30 million.

Trying to identify every single player’s preferred genre of choice can be a challenge. But according to a survey conducted by Statista, more than a quarter of players (27% to be exact) in 2018 preferred action games (commonly action-adventure), while 21% or roughly a fifth of them preferred shooter games. This can be any type of shooter game but first-person shooters prefer to be their preference. One in ten gamers is likely into role-playing games.

By analyzing the top three countries I mentioned, their preferred genres are:

  • When China banned video game consoles in 2000, most gamers in China switched to PC. Strategy games, preferably multiplayer online battle arena games, are considered to be China’s most popular genre. Developers such as Tencent and NetEase generally dominate their respective market.
  • As mentioned above, the United States has a preference for action-adventure games, with a quarter of all American gamers making it their favorite.
  • The Japanese absolutely love role-playing games, with games such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy being top sellers in Japan and other countries. Roughly half the population of Japan are gamers, which is the reason why gaming has become a cultural phenomenon in the country.

There are many other countries that have their genre preferences, but there are simply way too many to list out of more than 200 sovereign states across the globe (including underdeveloped countries). With the launch of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 toward the end of this year, we expect the gamer population and genre preferences to climb.


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