Monthly Updates: September 2020

Hi, this is Driller from the administration team.

It’s all over now. Summer has ended and school is now back in session. If you saw over the past few posts, Drillimation Systems has officially returned to Mercyhurst University after a five-month absence due to COVID-19. To control the spread of the disease, we have set up precautions for employees to keep the virus out and what to do if they test positive for the virus. We may only be a few months away from a vaccine, but the pandemic could last another year even if a vaccine is in place.

Stepping aside, you might notice the new artworks for Susumu Takajima and Kagami Ochiai. This will be the art direction for the next chapter of Chuhou Joutai. This is not final and may be subject to change. We hope you had an amazing summer (or winter if you live in the Southern Hemisphere) with the duo in Kozankyo. Over the past few weeks, we have been crushing bugs that we apparently left behind. They’re gone now and you should be able to unlock all achievements and go for 100% completion.

In addition, you can now play the game’s two-player mode bug free now. If you have two controllers, hit up a friend locally or in the case of coronavirus, do remote play on Steam. As stated in the game’s instruction manual, you can tackle the Scarlet Devil of SPASDOT alone or with a friend. Who’s gonna play the programmer or the idol?

In addition, we composed for another Touhou Project fangame, Lost Festival. We wrote two songs for the game.


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