Eastern and Western Kozan – Why Live Divided?

What Kozan is divided into.

When Kozan’s monarchy was first founded, it was mainly run by Queen Marisa in Eastern Kozan. Queen Yukari couldn’t resist Queen Marisa’s rule and hailed to Western Kozan to found her own monarchy in the city of Yakumograd (present-day Horudika Canal). At the time of the founding of the respective monarchies, half of Kozan lost its population due to a deadly pandemic of Gensokyo Respiratory Syndrome, a highly contagious and sometimes fatal respiratory illness caused by a coronavirus that started in raccoon dogs.

At the time of their respective monarchies’ foundings, two sovereign states would occupy Kozan at the beginning of the 18th century:

  • The Federal Kingdom of Eastern Kozan, an absolute monarchy founded by Queen Marisa with a capitalist economic system and high freedom with the capital being in Kozankyo
  • The Democratic Kingdom of Western Kozan, also an absolute monarchy founded by Queen Yukari but with a socialist regime with its leadership being dominated by the Socialist Party of Kozan.

With the Swedish colonization in Eastern Kozan, they became the most prosperous economy in Kozan. Under Queen Marisa’s and her successors’ rule, they built successful relationships with Sweden, the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States, and Israel. Western Kozan stagnated their economy to meet the needs of the Tokugawa Shogunate, the current ruling shogunate at the time. After the fall of the shogun after the Meiji Restoration, the Western Kozan monarchy would fall alongside them and Kozan would be reunified as the Federal Kingdom of Kozan. Yakumograd was subsequently renamed Horudika Canal with the Monarchy of Kozan moving to the Western Kozanese monarchy’s former location, while the Prime Minister stayed in Kozankyo.


Eastern KozanWestern Kozan
Population in 186712 million7 million
GovernmentFederal parliamentary absolute monarchy (until 1809)
Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy (1809 – 1867)
Unitary one-party socialist absolute monarchy
Largest cityKozankyoKyoushin Bay
Official language(s)Japanese, Swedish, EnglishJapanese
First leaderQueen Marisa (ruled 1702 – 1752)Queen Yukari (ruled 1703 – 1748)
Last leaderKing Yoshiki (ruled 1864 – 1870)Unknown (ruled 1846 – 1867)
Main religion(s)Shinto, Christianity, and a multitude of other religionsShinto, Buddhism, Taoism
CurrencyKozanese IngotKozanese Ryo

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