A Rant About the Science Department at Kozankyo Preparatory School

NOTE: This article is written from the perspective of Megumi Wasai, the girl that teaches you on how to play Chuhou Joutai and such.

Science classes are considered mandatory in every school, and the one at Kozankyo Preparatory School can be considered one of the worst. I am very disgruntled about it and they need to fix it. I am remaining anonymous because I don’t want to be thrown in detention for writing something like this. I have one request they should make: why not make safer and easier experiences for the students trying to get through high school and possibly graduate.

If you go on Rate My Professors, I can tell you why a lot of students don’t like the Science Department here. Pretty much every tag that criticizes is likely here. My adventure with Kozankyo Preparatory School began in the spring of 2004. After I graduated from junior high school, I decided to attend Kozankyo Preparatory School because my parents said it would be a good fit and you have four classes a day.

But now, I have all the complaints why I don’t like the science department here. And other students have those problems too.

Class format is lecture heavy

Other than the labs you get to participate in, every other class is designed to throw you in an hour and a half of complete boredom. Since the whole 90 minutes isn’t bad, the biggest problem is being forced to take a whole bunch of notes. In the past, you had to handwrite them which causes great discomfort after a while. Two years ago, they introduced a laptop tablet program where students are given a laptop which also acts as a computer which they own upon graduation. This effectively reduced the number of handwritten notes and you can fix mistakes more effectively. I’m sick and tired of doing this analog and need to do it on computer.

Lots of homework, get ready to read and take notes

The biggest offender is the homework. You get more homework than in any other class. While the usual can be generally worksheets, bookwork is the most of where you’ll see. They’re designed to make you spend hours on them because every question has like three others up their sleeves. The most common assignment is having to read a section from the textbook and take notes on it, which nobody really does since it is a waste of time, and many just use Sparknotes and Wikipedia to complete them instead.

So many tests and they are tough

The tests are randomized from a question bank. They are very difficult because the material is almost not the same as the study guides as they are abstract and only a few examples are covered. Honestly, this is my worst class of them all. To make matters worse, there are a total of ten of them plus a midterm and a final.


I’m not attacking the school over this, this is just my opinion on it. If I could get the school’s president on the phone, I could ask, “why all the work?” For the homework, there are limits. Students are students, with physical limits, emotional lives, and families. That’s when I’m kept home exhausted with all the work we have to do each night. Right?


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