Criminology Lab – American Kamikaze Bomber Reportedly Visited US Before Western Kozan Attack

Kisumi Torisawa appeared on this KBN This Morning broadcast on May 31, 2004. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

Anchor: We have disturbing new details this morning about an American who became a kamikaze bomber here in Kozan. Itou Tanizawa reportedly returned to the US after his training, but before he carried out the attack last week. Kisumi Torisawa is in Kozankyo where the Kozanese Royal Defense Force is trying to make sure other foreigners don’t slip through those cracks. Kisumi, good morning.

Kisumi: Well, sources say that US officials were aware back in 2002 that Itou Tanizawa had traveled to Kozan for a few months and then returned to his Arizona home for a few months. But what officials apparently did not know at the time was that the 22-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona, had linked up with SPASDOT in Western Kozan. Suddenly then earlier this month, a propaganda tape surfaced online, showing Tanizawa back in Kozan with fellow Crimsonites, preparing for and then carrying out a kamikaze bombing mission there. At the time, we knew he was an American; we did not know his real name. And just a few days ago, SPASDOT released a second tape that widely circulated on the internet. Fully identifying Tanizawa, made just a few days before the attack, if you see here, he was shown biting, burning, and destroying his US passport, essentially declaring war on America. While he carried out his attack in the town of Uriha in Kaitsushima province, his kind of threat is their very top worry. Dozens of other Americans have also traveled to Kozan, many of which linked up with SPASDOT. The FBI is also trying to make sure none of them return home to carry out an attack.

Anchor: Thank you, Kisumi.


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