The Grimoire of Flandre – The Feast

Below is the complete translation of the fifth chapter of The Grimoire of Flandre from Japanese.

Allow me to fulfill your obligations. You may not hunt while out on a pilgrimage, but may do so after finishing the pilgrimage. Do not let people make you break the law. Help one another by doing the right deed and never lead one another into sin. You are allowed to eat the meat of a dead animal – that being pigs, fish, and chicken. However, you can’t simply eat animals that have been strangled or hit by a violent blow unless you are able to sacrifice it. Today, I can perfect your Shinto faith, and my blessing upon you is your choice of Shinto as your religion. If you’re forced by hunger to eat forbidden food, with infallibility, then I am the most forgiving! The food that belongs to other religions is accessible to you. If you marry a person outside Shinto, do not take them as your master or mistress. However, I do not wish to burden you. I only wish to cleanse you of evil and ensure your are thankful.

Faith is for the transient people, and it binds me and you. I guarantee you are aware of me in your life, even after I die. You must prove your fulfillment in two ways. First of all, stay on the path. My observances are filled with realization. Looking at myself, my existence is all glory and power. If my emotions erupt, all attention should be drawn to me. I should receive prayer from you and spend your assets to my cause. Second, my dealings should be based on justice and fair play. Justice determines the fate or treatment a person deserves. You are bound to justice even when dealing with enemies; grievances and bitter memories can divert you from the path.

A pledge made by children stated that they will live a godly life, while I was appointed to watch them, just like their parents and teachers. Their pledge consisted by offering prayers and discharge others in charity by aligning themselves to my side, and spend power in support. Establishing a collective system ensures continued fulfillment of your duties entitled to me. You’ll attain paradise by doing good deeds and not discriminating people outside your culture. However, they’ll go astray and omit some of this book’s teachings through misinterpretation or distortion. They also impose restrictions not set by me. Considering you as my favorite is a meaningless thought. Everyone gets a reward before me. Everyone’s future will be chosen based on their performance and test of trial. The Aetherworld or Netherworld are no native place of this community. When one dies, bury them like normal. If they were killed by a violent blow, cremation is the best way to go to remove all graphic detail. When one kills another, they contravene the law of respect for human life which all human beings depend on.

Everyone should discharge their duty and no one should interfere with others. You are given clear instructions through me. Anyone who opposes me will be destroyed as they are considered terrible criminals. They indulge in acts of terrorism. The punishment is an all-consuming fire in the hereafter. The greatest achievement from me is being a worshiper and devotee to me. When I surrendered my ego, I had to tolerate difficulty and unpleasantness. The criminal justice system in this book has two aspects: one is punishment for one’s crime and the other is the deterrent effect. If you are truly repentant, seek my pardon and refrain from such misdemeanor in the future, in which I’ll forgive you.

There are two kinds of people who oppose me – hypocrites and youkai-borns. The hypocrites feel my mission is harmful to their purpose and show they merely adopt Shinto. The youkai-borns feel my mission pulls them down from their position. Therefore, they joined hands in running a campaign against Shinto. They twisted my meaning to defame me. Their attitude was to only accept their suitable interests. Such people who desert me will be deserted. My servants should not discourage my opposition. Their activity against me will never be successful. Religious scholars used to give me false decrees. A worse form of it was to suit popular tastes so that they have the honor and glory conferred upon them. Youkai-born leaders have become a center for attraction and disposition of their religion. This accounted to the abolishment of their vested interested. They would spread bad news about me and my additions.

The purpose of this book is to guide you to eternal welfare and bring them out of darkness to the light of worship. You cannot increase the benefits you confer in any war. In connection with justice, it is mandatory for Shinto’s rules be enforced without considering individual status. Sometimes a man’s violence isn’t the result of mischievous intent but under accident. If the victim pardons the perpetrator, they will be deemed an act of magnanimity towards the latter. The reality of religion would be lost and public rituals would assume the strength of reality and eventually become holy. Mentality considers framework to be the center of one’s attention. Previous scriptures can’t preserve me in their original form. I revealed this book, and give the authentic expression of my will.

The truly faithful are entire beings pervaded by faith in which they develop a relationship with me at the level of love. Fulfilling my objectives is dear to me and there is nothing but sympathy for your brothers and sisters. Life is full of purposes and suffering. It is your mission to convey your religion, guiding the world to stay away from the path of evil and tread the path to paradise. Self-made religions have a monopoly of devotion to me. The result is absolutely fair. What prevents you from following desires is moral fiber. When obstinacy dominates you, your ability to think becomes suppressed and there is nothing to combat it. There are two types of Shinto clergy: shrine maidens and kannushi. They remain busy in their work. The secret of leadership is presenting a popular religion rather than the true one favored by me. In other words, you should live in society in a way you do good deeds and refrain from sin. My empty hands make the rich false. The root cause of my greed is bravado. Once a man fears me, they understand the power emanating from me. Should they think wishfully, they will be convinced of their salvation. What carries weight is my commands and founding one’s life.

Forbidding objects is stuff I make lawful. Consuming good food in moderation is perfectly find. I don’t take you for breaking thoughtless oaths. No person shall consume alcoholic beverages, gamble, or divine believers by calling them my doing. I ask you to obey me and be on guard, but should you not to, you are supposed to deliver the message clearly. Those who believe and do good deeds can’t be blamed for what they consume as long as they are mindful. I love those who do good. When out on a pilgrimage, no one should hunt. Anyone who kills within the game intentionally must atone for it. You can still consume seafood. I am merciful and punishment can be severe. May my mercy and blessings be upon you to deliver my message, and do not force people to accept it. Infallibility is not the same. Too many questions can make it difficult. My silence is forgiving and forbearing. When you are asked to surrender, please state a reason and follow the paths of your ancestors. Leave a will before death.


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