Drillimation Systems Statement on Rightsscale Content ID Claims

Greetings from Drillimation Systems. If you recently saw on YouTube, many Touhou Project-related videos on YouTube have been hit with an increase in Content ID claims over the past few weeks. This article will teach you on how to get back into creating and monetizing videos based on Touhou Project-related material. Why is this happening? […]

Distinguishing Princess Konata from Princess Kagami in Chuhou Joutai

NOTE: Part of this article is for those who have completed Chuhou Joutai. We don’t recommend reading this until you have completed the main game at least once, though no spoilers will be present. It’s very easy to confuse Kagami Ochiai and Crown Princess Konata in Chuhou Joutai, since they both share the same title. […]

Criminology Lab – Video of Large SPASDOT Meeting in El Kadsre Surprises KRDF

Kisumi Torisawa appeared on and narrated this report during the KBN Evening News broadast on April 16, 2004. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events. Anchor: Tonight, a new video appears to feature a rogue’s gallery of SPASDOT terrorists in El Kadsre. The leader vowed to attack the Kozanese embassy […]

Drillimation Systems Statement on George Floyd protests

Greetings Chuhou Joutai players. If in case you didn’t know, the site has been seeing a rapid decline in views because of the George Floyd protests across the United States and elsewhere. In addition, we have been playing around in VRoid Studio if for some reason Chuhou Joutai gets a sequel. In addition, another demake […]

Criminology Lab – SPASDOT Claims Kamikaze Bomber in Western Kozan was American

Kisumi Torisawa wrote this report on May 28, 2004. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events. I apparently received a lot of disturbing new details over the past few hours that SPASDOT has claimed an American citizen has become the first American kamikaze bomber in Kozan. He carried out the […]

How updates for Chuhou Joutai will be handled

Greetings Chuhou Joutai players. The game has been only out for a few days. I will also to Screenshot Saturdays to showcase what will be in future updates. Fridays will be secret Fridays where random tweakings will be made to the game. The first above is allowing Kagami Ochiai to be player 1. This was […]

How Minecraft Played a Role in Chuhou Joutai’s Development

WARNING: This article highlights important plot points from Chuhou Joutai. Like usual, spoilers will be present. We do not recommend you read this until you’ve beaten Arcade Mode at least once. Keep calm and hide the secrets! Introduction If you’ve played Chuhou Joutai and have seen any of its cutscenes, you might ask, “Did you […]

Confederation Day – Kozan’s Independence Day

The Independence Day, otherwise known as the Confederation Day of Kozan is a federal holiday, meaning it is Kozan’s national day. It celebrates the anniversary of May 17, 1809 in which Kozan declared independence from Sweden. This celebration takes place across the country and in various locations around the world where Kozanese are present. Independence […]