The Real Driller’s Mario Maker courses, Streamed Live on Twitch

On Friday, May 8, 2020, Twitch streamer @whimindie did a livestream of various Mario Maker courses requested by fans. Two courses by Drillimation Systems were featured. They were both multiplayer co-op courses done by players GroverWhim (Mario) and Mizore J (Luigi, transliterated from Japanese). Watch the full livestream here. SMS Pachinko Game (ID L0T-TDQ-1PF) AtContinue reading “The Real Driller’s Mario Maker courses, Streamed Live on Twitch”

Public Holidays in Kozan

The different holidays in Kozan are mainly part of cultural, patriotic, and religious observations that Kozan legislates at federal levels. Many employers and school systems provide days off for major holidays or in some cases an entire week. National holidays Date English name Japanese name Remarks January 1 New Year’s Day お正月(Oshōgatsu) Celebrates the firstContinue reading “Public Holidays in Kozan”

Official Bilingualism in Kozan

The official languages in Kozan are English and Japanese. Both of them can be freely used as both languages have equal rights between them. This also includes the parliament and monarchy. The linguistic rights of minorities in the other language are also protected, as they need to ensure a level of government services in bothContinue reading “Official Bilingualism in Kozan”

Theorysonic – A Third Technology Rival!?

This is a company’s logo you’ve probably seen in Chuhou Joutai, right? Well, here’s more. That logo in pixels is actually Theorysonic, a global technology company based in El Kadsre’s capital, El Kadsre City. The company was originally founded in 1961 as a bug-repellent manufacturer, before ultimately becoming an electronics company in 1964. Today, theyContinue reading “Theorysonic – A Third Technology Rival!?”

English Translation for Article on Chuhou Joutai

This is a complete English translation for the article for Chuhou Joutai from Japanese. The original article’s name is Chuhou Joutai Danmaku Shooter to Release on May 22nd. Steam Storepage is Open. The store page of the 2D danmaku shooter Chuhou Joutai by Drillimation Systems Co., Ltd. has opened on Steam, with a releaseContinue reading “English Translation for Article on Chuhou Joutai”

Meira Katsumoto – A Maid Serving the Unforgettable

Meira Katsumoto is a maid serving the Unforgettable subunit of the Kozanese Royal Defense Force. She is the delightful friend of Hiroki Takajima (Susumu Takajima’s elder brother). They first met during their first year at Kozankyo Preparatory School, located south of Kozankyo University. However, their friendship didn’t really begin until Meira invited Hiroki for aContinue reading “Meira Katsumoto – A Maid Serving the Unforgettable”

The Crimsonite and What They Are

Have you played Chuhou Joutai? If you have, you should be familiar with the term Crimsonite. It is a term in western languages to describe militants associated with the terrorist group SPASDOT. It is perceived as military movements and many countries consider it threatening. It is the only definition of the term and it firstContinue reading “The Crimsonite and What They Are”

The Daily Bunbunmaru: Could Your Next Child Be the Next Big Star?

This article was written in the November 26, 1989 issue of The Daily Bunbunmaru newspaper in Kozankyo. Marriage influences future generations. Just like what the Kozanese Royal Family does after marriage, many couples who found organizations always expect an heir to take the organization with them should they decide to make succession hereditary. In Kozan,Continue reading “The Daily Bunbunmaru: Could Your Next Child Be the Next Big Star?”

Monthly Updates: April 2020

Hi, this is the Prophet Driller from Drillimation Systems. Did you think a sequel to Chuhou Joutai was happening? Or perhaps the images that required you to have a premium subscription to Twitter or Instagram? Nah, that was just an April Fools’ prank. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, things have been going well for us. I’veContinue reading “Monthly Updates: April 2020”