Drillimation Systems to Return to their Mercyhurst University Location This Fall

After Drillimation Systems forced their employees to stay at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, Drillimation announced today that they will be returning to their original location at Mercyhurst University for the first time in five months on Saturday, August 15, 2020. This came after the university announced they will resume in-person classes earlier thisContinue reading “Drillimation Systems to Return to their Mercyhurst University Location This Fall”

A Rant About the Science Department at Kozankyo Preparatory School

NOTE: This article is written from the perspective of Megumi Wasai, the girl that teaches you on how to play Chuhou Joutai and such. Science classes are considered mandatory in every school, and the one at Kozankyo Preparatory School can be considered one of the worst. I am very disgruntled about it and they needContinue reading “A Rant About the Science Department at Kozankyo Preparatory School”

What happens if you get DMCA’d for using the Prophet Driller’s face?

Our Prophet Driller is known to protect his privacy rights. Last March, a person on Instagram had two of his posts removed for posting material that violated our Game Content and Brand Usage Rules. He also got a message from us, telling him we have the exclusive right to use his face and/or voice. JustContinue reading “What happens if you get DMCA’d for using the Prophet Driller’s face?”

Drillimation is now taking game publishing!

So, you just completed making a game and you’re ready to publish it to the market. Going through a publisher is the best way for players to get most of their word out. Publishers vary on what they publish, and what best describes them? You’ve tried to self-publish before, but it never seems to workContinue reading “Drillimation is now taking game publishing!”

The Grimoire of Flandre – Preparation for Battle

Below is the complete translation of the sixth chapter of The Grimoire of Flandre from Japanese. I, Flandre, ask you about how to prepare for battle. This decision concerns me and you. My followers are those whose hearts become fearful. For my followers are degrees where forgiveness and noble provision can be laid upon you.Continue reading “The Grimoire of Flandre – Preparation for Battle”

Overcoming Hate as an Indie Developer

Has this ever happened to you? You produce a great title, only to have someone say, “your game is a piece of 💩?” If somebody does, don’t focus on that and read this instead. Or, you can cut them off by blocking them or filing a DMCA to them (not recommended). Boost Collective explained thisContinue reading “Overcoming Hate as an Indie Developer”

Seimori Grand Temple – Kozan’s Heart to Buddhism

In Kinmyou (alternatively romanized as Kinmei) of Pohatoshin province in Eastern Kozan, the Risuoka ward is home to a thriving Buddhist and youkai community. The heart of the ward is the Seimori Grand Temple (生森寺 Seimori-ji). The temple has been at its present location since 1953. Originally founded as a conservative Buddhist temple in 1867Continue reading “Seimori Grand Temple – Kozan’s Heart to Buddhism”

Criminology Lab – American Kamikaze Bomber Reportedly Visited US Before Western Kozan Attack

Kisumi Torisawa appeared on this KBN This Morning broadcast on May 31, 2004. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events. Anchor: We have disturbing new details this morning about an American who became a kamikaze bomber here in Kozan. Itou Tanizawa reportedly returned to the US after his training, butContinue reading “Criminology Lab – American Kamikaze Bomber Reportedly Visited US Before Western Kozan Attack”

Information regarding the Extra Stage glitch in Chuhou Joutai

Greetings from Drillimation Systems. We have gotten reports of complaints from players saying they cannot unlock the “Return to Ahoge Peninsula” achievement after clearing Arcade Mode with both characters and shot types in Chuhou Joutai, which unlocks the Extra Stage. Due to an error in the unlock criteria for the achievement, the achievement would notContinue reading “Information regarding the Extra Stage glitch in Chuhou Joutai”