Restricted Images, Video, and Audio

Whenever Drillimation releases images of staff who have not signed contracts for use of their image and/or voice in derivative works created by fans, they are not public figures and are entitled to control use of their face and/or voice. The Game Content and Brand Usage Rules does NOT allow use of restricted material, and may infringe upon a person’s privacy rights. Drillimation Systems may issue DMCA takedown notices on fanworks that are in breach of this rule. If you wish to use restricted material legally, you must obtain a license from that person’s estate and Drillimation Systems. Licensing fees may also be charged as well.

Copyright infringement and privacy invasion are serious offenses. Drillimation Systems aggressively protects the copyright of restricted material, including any legal action taken against you.

Licensing the face or voice of the Prophet Driller

Some videos posted to YouTube, as well as selfies posted to Twitter and Instagram contain the face of the Prophet Driller, the so-called headmaster of Drillimation Systems. As he is not a public figure yet, he is entitled to control the use of his face and/or voice. Use of restricted material requires special licensing from Drillimation Systems, and applicable fees may also be charged too.

The following videos below require special licensing because of the Prophet’s appearance in them:

All State of the Prophet Driller videos, alongside the Prophet Driller Presents and all Unboxing videos, fall into this category.

In addition, these videos contain the Prophet’s voice but no actual appearance:

If you need to license the voice or face of the Prophet Driller, feel free to fire an email to

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