Photosensitive Epilepsy and Hypersensitive Sound Warning

Epilepsy Warning

Some people, approximately 1 in 4,000, may have seizures or blackouts triggered by flashing lights or patterns, and can occur when watching TV or playing video games, even if they never had a history of seizures. If you, or anyone in your family has had a history of epilepsy, loss of consciousness, or any other condition linked to an epileptic condition, please consult your physician before playing any of our games.

If our products will be used by young children, it is highly recommended that parents supervise their children while they play. If you or your child begin to suffer any of the following symptoms below, stop playing and call your physician right away. This includes:

  • Convulsions
  • Eye/muscle twitching
  • Unconsciousness
  • Altered vision
  • Involuntary movements
  • Disorientation

You are responsible for any actions taken after a seizure, and can be fatal in some individuals. Drillimation Systems shall take no responsibility for any injuries or deaths caused by our products. To prevent the chance of a seizure while playing:

  • When playing the game, do not sit too close to the screen. Sit at least a foot (approximately 30 cm) away from the monitor or as far back as possible.
  • Play the game on a small screen.
  • Avoid playing during episodes of tiredness. Always take a break every hour.
  • Play the game in a well-lit environment.

As Chuhou Joutai is a fast-paced danmaku game, playing games in this genre can make your eyes hurt after a while. If you begin to feel irritation in your eyes or develop a headache during gameplay, stop playing immediately and rest, and do not continue until you feel better.

Hypersensitive Sound Warning

If you or anyone in your family has had a history of mental health issues, including sensitivity to certain sounds (called misophonia, affects 1 in 10,000) in our products, you should consult your physician or psychiatrist before playing. Playing video games, especially those with higher age ratings, can also affect your mood, and exposure to certain elements can cause tendencies such as aggression or depression. This also includes suicidal thoughts. If you begin to experience any of the above issues while playing, stop playing and call your physician or psychiatrist right away.

Exposure to certain sounds to those with misophonia can lead to abnormal psychotic behavior, and can rarely cause heart disease or vomiting. It often starts during childhood and worsens into adulthood. To prevent the likeliness of these happening while playing:

If you suffer misophonia

  • Mute the audio. You won’t be able to hear any sound, but should help you avoid most sounds that cause it.

If you don’t suffer misophonia, but somebody else around you does

  • Wear headphones with music turned on. This should cancel out most sounds. Please note when using headphones, set the volume at a safe level. Setting it too high can damage your hearing and/or the headphones.

TL;DR, or in a nutshell:

If you suffer any of the following conditions and/or experience any of the following symptoms while playing, stop playing immediately and consult your physician before resuming play. Play at your own risk.

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