Glossary of Terms in the Drillimation World

This is a glossary of unique terms that are used within the Drillimation universe. Most of the Japanese words used in here have different connotations within the Chuhou Joutai universe.


  • Flandre ga nozomeba – Japanese phrase for “if Flandre wills,” often used by Crimsonites when speaking on future events.
  • Flandre ni chikau – Japanese phrase for “I swear to Flandre,” used by Crimsonites for promising if something is true.
  • Flandre ni shosan – Japanese phrase for “Praise be to Flandre.” Shortened version of the longer phrase “Praise be to Flandre, deity of the land.”
  • Flandre wa saikou – Japanese phrase for “Flandre is the greatest,” it is used by Crimsonites such as in prayer or in times of distress or joy.

Individual words and terms

  • Chusei – Japanese word for “allegiance,” traditional term referring to the oath of allegiance to a leader.
  • Crimsonite – A person engaged in radical Shinto or a member of SPASDOT.
  • Danmaku – Japanese word for “barrage.” While it has many different meanings, it is often used by the Kozanese to refer to ammunition or a Shinto holy war.
  • Flandre – French for Flanders, the name of the deity that Crimsonites worship.
  • Fushinja – Japanese derogatory term often used by Crimsonites to refer to youkai-borns or non-believers of Shinto.
  • Goho – Japanese word for “lawful” or permissible actions.
  • Grimoire of Flandre – Shinto religious text originally written by Flandre, believed to be a revelation from her.
  • Junkyosha – Japanese word for “martyr,” honorific term for Crimsonites who have died fulfilling a commandment of Flandre.
  • Scarlet Devil – The perceived leader of a Crimsonite organization. In the case of SPASDOT, it is used to mean the leader (or shogun) and the Japanese word for it is “kouakuma.”
  • Scarlet Standard – Red flags generally flown by women in Shinto tradition; communist variant depicting Flandre and their battle cry was adopted by SPASDOT in the 1970s.
  • Shinkudan – Japanese term referring to SPASDOT. Translated, it roughly means “Crimson group.”
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