Error: Unable to Upload High Scores to Steam Leaderboards

Problem: You receive one of the following error messages below when you try to upload a score to the Steam Leaderboards:

  • You are not connected to the internet. Connect and try again.
  • You are not logged in. Log in and try again.
  • Score failed to upload. If the problem persists please contact Drillimation Systems.


If you receive an error trying to upload a high score to the Steam Leaderboard from games such as Chuhou Joutai, try the following suggestions:

  • Make sure you are playing the latest version of the game.
  • Make sure your computer meets the system requirements.
  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet. A broadband internet connection is required to access online features.
  • Make sure you are logged into your Steam account.
  • Make sure the Steam Overlay is turned on.
  • In order to upload high scores onto the Steam Leaderboards, it’s important that you connect to a reliable network and your device’s signal is strong. Full Wi-Fi bars are not always guaranteed to have a strong connection, and local/public networks often tend to slow down and/or get overloaded at times.

Here’s what can contribute to failed uploads:

  • File-sharing programs such as BitTorrent constantly upload and download huge amounts of data, which can contribute to slow and/or laggy connection.
  • Check your computer for viruses/malware. Malware are programs that can alter data on your computer and/or operate without your consent. Removing viruses from your computer can speed up your PC and get it running back to normal.
  • Some public networks (such as a school or library network) have strict firewall settings which can prevent certain apps from loading. Consider resetting your firewall to its default settings, or in some cases, you can use a VPN or a proxy (a practice we do not recommend if you are at school/work, but is effective).

You will also not be able to upload scores if in the rare event that Steam is down. Valve makes no guarantee that their servers will be up and running 100% of the time. If in the rare event that Steam is down, we cannot be held responsible for lost and/or missing data.

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