Error: Norton says Chuhou Joutai or another Drillimation product is unsafe

Problem: You try to launch Chuhou Joutai or another Drillimation product and Norton flags it as unsafe and deletes the .exe file for it.


Very rarely, Symantec, the makers of Norton and other anti-virus software, sends users a very alarming message suggesting a particular Drillimation product is “unsafe”, suggesting it is dangerous or guilty of malware. Norton then prevents you from playing the game by deleting the .exe file. There are many different variants of the message, and it may look similar to this:

Image courtesy of Symantec
Image courtesy of

Do not forget the staff at Drillimation use Norton too. After extensive testing to investigate our claims, we always find this is a false positive, and there is no cause for genuine concern. Norton works by using a massive list of programs they send from their data warehouse to an individual copy of Norton. And they’re aggressively conserving the blacklist when it comes to new programs created by developers. Very rarely, one of our games will falsely trip that alarm, producing the aforementioned warning.

The biggest issue for you isn’t just what the warning says, it prevents you from playing the game too!

Luckily, we’ve dealt with a few resources you can rely on:

To get the best results, please include a screenshot of the Norton message you received. Screenshots can help Symantec resolve the situation faster. Please note this may take 1 to 3 business days for them to fulfill your report, so be patient.

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