Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis/FAQ/Rules of Conduct

The Rules of Conduct are a set of rules imposed on the Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis. Both sites have it and all users are ordered to abide by them. Those who choose not to follow them will face bans. Below are some of the questions you may have about it.

Here’s the simple version of them:

  • Do not bully, harass, or abuse other users. Avoid engaging in violent and/or aggressive behavior.
  • Passwords are meant to be private; keep it that way. Never try to gain this information from another user as well.
  • Never give it out to other players or use it as an opportunity to sell your account for money. Because Wikia cannot enforce this deal, it is a violation of their Terms of Service to do so.
  • Never use any scripts or third-party software to enter, disrupt, or modify the Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis in any way.
  • Treat all other users as you wish to be treated! Remember, crime in the online world is as serious in the real world.

What is the Rules of Conduct and why does it exist?
Like above, the Rules of Conduct are a set of rules set by Drillimation that all users must follow. Asides from the main concept of allowing users to create whatever they want, the Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis are a place to come relax, hang out, and make new friends in a safe environment. Therefore, the Rules of Conduct helps us maintain a safe environment for all users.

What should I do if I see somebody breaking the Rules of Conduct?
If you see another user breaking the Rules of Conduct, please make a report on the Reports page of the respective site the incident happened. Summarize the events of the incident as best as possible and an administrator will help you as soon as possible.

What happens if I break the Rules of Conduct?
If you break the Rules of Conduct in any way, you will face either a reminder or warning depending on the severity of the offense, muted and/or kicked from the Discord server, or banned from the site.

How come my message got deleted from the Discord server?
All areas of our Discord server have a profanity filter which takes out messages containing offensive words. This covers swearing, racist or sexist language. The spam filter covers URLs not approved by Drillimation.

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