Thank you for your interest in Drillimation Systems and our games. This section of our website is designed to answer any questions you might have about our stance on piracy. Keep in mind that infringement or abuse of Drillimation’s intellectual property and personality rights not only hurts us, but our players and legitimate business entities connected to us. Piracy is a serious problem for game developers, and Drillimation will strive the best they can to ensure their intellectual property rights are protected.

Drillimation Systems owns the exclusive distribution rights to all of their games. As the copyright holder, they have the exclusive right to distribute and/or perform them in public. If you are a person wishing to use our IP for non-piracy or derivative means, we recommend you review our Game Content and Brand Usage Rules.

What are “cracks”?

A crack, otherwise known as a keygen or warez, is an illegal copy of authentic software. These often originate from torrent sites such as uTorrent or The Pirate Bay. The distribution of cracks or keygens is illegal, and Drillimation has lashed out a number of legal actions against those companies to stop the illegal distribution of our games. In addition, law enforcement networks such as the FBI are often brought into these investigations and have brought criminal prosecution to those who are caught distributing or reproducing illegal copies of software, including video games.

Back-up copies cannot protect your software either. There is a great deal of misinformation online regarding backup/archival copies. The backup provision of the US Copyright Act covers only a very narrow section. This is because most video games are comprised of numerous copyrighted works including graphics and audio. No matter whether or not you own the authentic game, it is illegal to download and play cracked software from the internet. Developers have employed numerous DRM methods to ensure the copyright of their software is protected. However, hackers still manage to find methods to get around them.

Is piracy illegal?

In most countries, yes. Cracking sites enable users to illegally download software onto their PC. This allows users to make, play, or even distribute illegal copies of games, which violate Drillimation’s IP rights as well as international copyright and trademark treaties. Based upon the functions of these sites, they are therefore illegal.

In some cases, some cracking sites require users to complete surveys and/or offers to gain access to illegal software (referred to as pay-per-download). If you fill these out, you could be redirected to spam or even malware. Most of the time, they are scams and deceptive, even if the crack claims “no survey.” Other times, the downloads can be laced with malware.

Haven’t the copyrights for the old Drillimation products expired yet?

The US Copyright Act states that copyrights last the duration of the owner’s life, plus an additional 70 years following the owner’s death. All copyrights for works published in 2002 and later in the US last 95 years from their first date of publication. Because Drillimation has only been around for almost a decade, the copyrights for all Drillimation products will not expire until at least 2110, when all Drillimation products created in its founding year expire.

Yes. Websites that provide links to illegal copies of software can be held liable for copyright/trademark infringement. Performing such actions can lead to civil and/or criminal liability. Criminal copyright infringement is investigated by the FBI and other law enforcement networks and can result in up to five years in federal prison and/or a fine of no more than $250,000.

What do I do if I find illegal copies of Drillimation’s software distributed on a cracking site?

We recommend you fire an email to Include a link to the offending pages in your email and Drillimation Systems will take the appropriate legal actions to remove it from the internet. Unless we ask you to act on our behalf, only the copyright holder can submit DMCA takedown notices.

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