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Our Prophet Driller Has Turned 21!

Greetings players. The birthday of our Prophet Driller has come. On this day in 1999, our Prophet Driller was born. As he has now officially reached the official age of majority, you can say he is more powerful now. However, 2020 was hit with unprecedented difficulties thanks to the great and terrible coronavirus, which now […]

The Chuhou Joutai Demo is heading to Steam!

Drillimation Systems is proud to announce today that the demo for Chuhou Joutai is heading to Steam. This decision is necessary because not enough players are playing the game on Steam and we are not meeting our goals. Even though Drillimation will keep promoting the game on social media, more and more players need to […]

Ayako Sugiwara – The Scholar of Kozan’s Secret Sealing Club

Ayako Sugiwara is the stage 4 boss of Chuhou Joutai and is Driller’s ex-girlfriend. If you ever play Chuhou Joutai, you can obviously tell about her ordering Driller to rejoin the Secret Sealing Club (abbreviated as SSC to avoid trademark conflicts). You can obviously assume that Driller is a former member of the Secret Sealing […]

Drillimation’s New Rule of Law

Drillimation Systems is under attack. We apparently faced what could end up being a months-long ban from participating in future Touhou Project game jams. This followed misconduct made by the Prophet Driller, as well as his previous incidents that had negative effects on Drillimation’s players. Drillimation Systems is a company that promotes and protects US […]

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