Drillimation’s New Rule of Law

Drillimation Systems is under attack. We apparently faced what could end up being a months-long ban from participating in future Touhou Project game jams. This followed misconduct made by the Prophet Driller, as well as his previous incidents that had negative effects on Drillimation’s players. Drillimation Systems is a company that promotes and protects US values.

What happened next?

After Drillimation Systems was approved to join a new Touhou Project Discord server yesterday, they still continue to feel incredibly uncomfortable about what our Prophet says when arguments arise. They may have speculated due to conception of the First Amendment of the US Constitution. In most cases, this is false, as Drillimation Systems is an independent company and is not bound by the First Amendment. The vast majority of Drillimation’s 3,000 players that follow us on our social media platforms live outside the United States where the First Amendment doesn’t apply. The Prophet’s behavior determines what individuals, organizations, or even entire companies can let us do business with, and Drillimation can’t do business with everyone.

What is this so called “Rule of Law?”

From now on, as Drillimation reforms in the future, we have decided to adopt a new Rule of Law where what we do be more transparent and consistent. Nearly 500 Discord servers utilize the Hourai Bot, and it caches information about every banned user. However, these bans can easily be circumvented as the cached data from each new banned user is deleted every five minutes. As a result, Drillimation Systems was able to find a new server, and the Hourai Bot had to make sure they were approved to join. Ultimately they were approved after being in the waitlist for 12 hours, eventually clearing the way for Drillimation’s new spot.

Even though Chuhou Joutai features enough communist imagery, Drillimation Systems is NOT a communist organization. While the game stirred a little controversy over its communistic themes, we do not have political legitimacy to determine what fans can and can’t create using our material. Unfortunately, as mentioned in our Game Content and Brand Usage Rules, Drillimation will eventually apply for YouTube’s Content ID system to moderate YouTube. This came after seven months ago we made the decision to remove two Instagram posts from another toxic user. We will continue setting boundaries for what is acceptable for fanworks.

The question that’s unresolved how Drillimation’s fans would react when they thwart the Rule of Law. That’s closer to what we have seen when Drillimation streisanded (the verb for the Streisand effect) those two Instagram posts. It happened because the owner had no right to use the Prophet Driller’s face. He was a lawless user, and also happened to us because of the Prophet’s actions in late 2019. There needs to be additional remedies. When someone raids the Drillimation Discord server, we work with Discord Trust and Safety to ensure disciplinary action is taken against the raider. In the case of the Prophet, we may have to turn to Dr. Phil for advice.

Can the action be disputed?

Drillimation’s mission is to provide quality entertainment to all of their customers. But in the case of the Touhou Game Dev Hub, the Prophet was lawless which contributed to the eventual removal. Unfortunately, the action cannot be reversed. Since we live in a place where we can speak freely, Drillimation could end up building a free-speech fanon wiki that does not run on FANDOM’s platform


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