Breaking News: Two Employees at Drillimation Systems Test Positive for COVID-19

Yesterday, Drillimation Systems has reported two cases of COVID-19 involving campus exposure at Mercyhurst University. One of the affected individuals is a student, while the other is a university employee. Both cases are separate and isolated, but there is no indication that they are related. They have been put in isolation off campus as a precautionary measure.

Upon notification, the university’s Rapid Response Team was immediately mobilized. Contract tracers investigated both their recent movements and interactions with others to determine possible close contacts. Upon conclusion, both individuals were found to have limited campus exposure. Contacts of the affected have been notified. Those efforts have been completed for the first case and are anticipated for the second case.

Drillimation Systems is activating their protocol for campus exposure. These measures include daily temperature checks for all employees on arrival to campus. Information about the logistics of temperature checks will be distributed to them this weekend. We applaud the student and employee for isolating and taking swift action in notifying us of their symptoms and positive diagnosis. We wish them the best for quick and save recovery.

As previously mentioned, Drillimation employees are to monitor themselves for the symptoms of COVID-19. If they begin falling ill or exhibit symptoms, or suspect they were exposed to someone with COVID-19, it is critical that they remain home. Their dedication has helped us limit the spread of the virus. They must continue to follow all our safety regulations, such as:

  • For individuals living on campus, they should limit travel off campus
  • Avoid going to bars, restaurants, parties, and other locations were people congregate
  • Wear face masks in and outside of campus
  • Social distance from one another
  • Practice preventive health measures, including disinfecting surfaces
  • Avoid going out in public if sick

Even though it’s been four weeks into the semester, Drillimation has been carefully preparing for confirmed cases on campus. We remain prepared to take any immediate action in identifying and isolating and person who tests positive for the virus, implementing contact tracing, and enact appropriate cleaning of campus areas. Our goal is to preserve the health and well-being of all of our employees.


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